Keep your vehicle looking like new by protecting your paint!

You just made a huge investment purchasing your new car. Take steps to keep it protected and looking like new (even 5 years from now!).

Premier’s Sealant Package helps keep your vehicle protected against road debris, weather and other harmful elements. Our paint sealant keeps your exterior in tact, while ensuring contaminants don’t lead to corrosion.

Sealing your paint helps maintain the integrity of your vehicle and keeps it in tip-top shape. While you may not want to sell it now, it’s hard to tell what the future will bring.

Pricing is determined by vehicle size.


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Sealant Pricing starts at $89.


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Get ready for the ultimate treatment!

Want to experience a clean car all year long? Learn more about the Premier Treatment Plan!

This year-long plan keeps your car clean and feeling like new. Package includes 2 Full Details + 2 Mini Details + 8 FREE Interior or Exterior Cleanings!


Premier Treatment Plan