Your car’s future is so bright, it needs to wear shades.

Window Tinting will not only enhance your vehicle’s appearance, but also keeps you and your car protected against the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays.

We professionally apply all tinting and provide various shading options (see shades below) to give you the look and feel you want.  


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“It looks FLAWLESS! We’ll have the windows on all our cars tinted here.”


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Factory Glass

Enjoy a beautifully detailed car with Premier's window tinting!

Why should I consider Window Tinting?

Window tinting provides great benefits to your vehicle outside of a new, sleek look. Benefits include:

  • Lessened interior heat – Film helps reduce the sun’s effect on heating up your car.
  • Energy savings – Less heat in the vehicle means less need for AC, which means your gas can take you further.
  • Protect your vehicle aesthetic – Tinting can help protect your vehicle’s interior by lessening the impact of fading on your seats, carpets and dash.
  • Protect yourself and your passengers – Tinting helps protect you and your passengers from harmful UV rays and provides added security and privacy.
  • Reduce glare – Tinting helps reduce or can even eliminate hazardous glares from the sun.
  • Accident safety – The film used for tinting can help prevent shattering glass in the event of an accident. This keeps the driver and passengers protected.


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