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About Us

We bring people joy by cleaning, styling, and protecting their cars.

Our professional team loves inspiring greatness through our thoughtful interactions with clients — and by serving them with incredible car care.

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You may not think about this often, but your vehicle can bring you joy.

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We want you to feel great every time you drive your car.

Whether you have kids, pets, or a busy work schedule, you should enjoy getting behind the wheel of a clean, stylish vehicle every day.

Our professionals clean, style, and protect the interior and exterior of all types of cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. You’ll be amazed by the quality, impressed by the attention to detail, and surprised by the confidence you feel driving away.

Our team loves creating community and happiness.

Donte Wilburn (our owner) used to work in the car-washing and detailing industry, and he was so thankful to have a job and took pride in what he was doing. But he knew there was a better way to build a positive atmosphere for both clients and employees.

So in 2008, Donte began his own detailing and car care business as a way to share God’s Word and help others. Since then, we’ve built thoughtful and joyful relationships with others by serving them with the area’s best car care.

We are blessed to be able to work with people we love, make new connections, and bring joy to others.

We do this through services like these:

By choosing Premier, you’ll work with a team that loves:

  • Building strong relationships
  • Lifting others up
  • Meeting new people
  • Sharing new experiences
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Drive away in a car so clean, it makes everyone jealous.

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