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Aqua Glow/Aquapel Rain Package

Repel rain and enjoy a streak-free shine.

Protect your vehicle with a biodegradable wax from Aqua Glow and drive rain away with Aquapel rain repellent.

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Waxing your car can take a lot of time.

Many people don’t like waxing their car because of the time it takes — and after all that work, it still leaves streaks after drying! But Aqua Glow may be the best automotive spray wax ever.

Protect your car’s finish, cut down on drying time, and get a streak-free shine.

With Aqua Glow surface sealant, you can:

  • Get a high-gloss, no-streak finish.
  • Go green with biodegradable wax.
  • Cut down on drying time.
  • Enjoy months of exterior protection.
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Rain and road glare make it hard to see, especially at night.

For anyone who has trouble seeing at night, rain mixed with oncoming headlights are a bad combination. But there is a simple solution!

Aquapel offers innovative technology with a long-lasting rain repellent that improves a driver's ability to see clearly.

Aquapel rain repellent will let you:

  • Make water bead and roll right off the glass.
  • Clear ice, snow, bugs, and dirt more easily.
  • See better while driving at night and in the rain.
  • Enjoy months of windshield protection.

Enjoy a streak-free shine and rain repellent!

Aqua Glow/Aquapel Rain Package

Starting at $59

With our Aqua Glow/Aquapel package, you’ll have a high-gloss protective finish on your vehicle and better visibility on the road.

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Get a streak-free shine and see more clearly when it’s raining.