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We’ve provided helpful resources so you can learn all about detailing, window tinting, and other ways to care for your car!

March 1, 2023

Which Auto Detail is Best for You: Exterior, Interior, or Full Auto Detail

February 7, 2023

Three Reasons to Invest in Interior Car Protection

January 1, 2023

What to Expect With a Full Auto Detail

December 8, 2022

5 Reasons Car Rustproofing Will Protect Your Vehicle

November 22, 2022

Now Hiring: Quality Control and Dealer Coordinator

November 16, 2022

How Often You Should Wash Your Car

October 5, 2022

4 Reasons to Get a Vinyl Wrap for Your Vehicle

September 1, 2022

Why a Car Dealership Should Partner with an Auto Detailer

August 1, 2022

Five Ways to Make the Most Money When Selling Your Vehicle

July 1, 2022

How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Car

May 31, 2022

Tips for Removing Stains from Your Car’s Interior

Does your vehicle’s interior need a little TLC? Spills and messes are bound to happen with your family’s hectic schedule and hours spent in the car—but […]
May 2, 2022

How Launching Premier Changed My Life

April 20, 2022

Donte Wilburn Selected as Small Business Person of the Year for Indiana by U.S. Small Business Administration

April 4, 2022

Four Tips for Buffing Out a Car Scratch

March 1, 2022

Vehicle Paint Protection Comparison: Ceramic Wax, PPF, & Ceramic Coating

February 3, 2022

Nine Ways to Show Your Car Love

January 1, 2022

5 Ways to Prevent Road Salt from Damaging Your Car

Long Indiana winters mean many months of snowy and icy road conditions. We rely on salt to keep us from slipping and sliding on roads and […]
December 1, 2021

The Benefits of Aqua Glow & Aquapel

Whether you’re trying to protect your car’s exterior or see more clearly while driving in the rain, you shouldn’t have to settle for wax that streaks […]
October 31, 2021

Why You Should Apply SunTek Exterior Paint Protection (& What to Expect from the Application Process)

Every driver wants their car to show off their style, a scratch-free surface, and a gorgeous paint job for years to come. SunTek Exterior Paint Protection […]
October 1, 2021

7 Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

Trying to get your car, truck, or SUV ready for the cold, snowy days ahead? While Indiana winters can be beautiful, they can also cause drivers […]
September 1, 2021

5 Things to Expect After a Window Tint

Once you’ve had a professional window tint service, you’ve taken the first step toward making your car stand out, driving in comfort, and protecting the windows […]
August 1, 2021

All About Clay Bar: What It Is, How It Works, & When to Use It

Every day, and everywhere you go, your car is exposed to the elements and hit with tiny particles that bond to its surface. Over time, these […]
July 1, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

Does the inside of your car need a little love? It’s easy to let crumbs, dirt, pet hair, and other debris build up in our vehicles […]
June 1, 2021

6 Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

Regular details will help you maintain the life and appearance of your vehicle all year long. But it’s important to find products (or a detailer) you […]
May 1, 2021

3 Things You Should Know About Waxing Your Car

Many people think waxing your car isn’t necessary; that’s just for people with fancy sports cars, right? As it turns out, wax has a few benefits […]
April 1, 2021

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Winter is finally behind us, and we can enjoy the warmer days of springtime! Unfortunately, the road salt, snow, and rust of winter may have taken […]
March 1, 2021

4 Reasons to Consider a Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

Hauling tools, lumber, and other items for your projects may damage your truck bed over time. But you don’t have to let the fear of dings […]
February 1, 2021

4 Signs You May Need a Headlight Restoration Service

Headlights can get hazy, dull, yellow, or scratched over time as your car is exposed to elements such as sunlight, debris, and air pollution. But it’s […]
January 1, 2021

5 Remote Start Benefits You May Not Have Thought About

Thinking about getting a remote start for your vehicle? It’ll provide great benefits like warming your car’s interior in the winter and cooling it down in […]
December 1, 2020

The Benefits of SunTek Protection

When it comes to your car, we know you don’t want to see messed-up paint, stains in the carpet, or spills on the seats. But life […]
November 17, 2020

Premier Downloads & PDFs

Dive into auto detailing, styling, and protection with our Premier downloads and PDFs. Click on a landing page below for an overview of its corresponding resource. […]
November 1, 2020

Is it worth it to rustproof my car?

Indiana winters bring beautiful snow, holiday celebrations, and potentially rust for your car. This is partly because of the road salt we use to get rid […]
October 1, 2020

We’re testing 13 mil security window film with Purdue!

While our window tint already protects against would-be intruders and broken glass, we’re working to make the film even stronger and safer for businesses, schools, and […]
September 1, 2020

5 Benefits of Getting a Full Detail

Detailing is a great way to make your vehicle shine and look like new again. But the process involves more than just bringing the sparkle back […]
August 1, 2020

6 Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint

With all the window tint film options out there, it may seem difficult to decide which one is right for your car. But ceramic window tint […]
April 28, 2020

Keeping Your Car Clean: 4 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus

Coronavirus can spread quickly inside our cars because they’re small, contained spaces. Washing your hands will help you avoid transmitting the virus before and after: Driving […]
August 9, 2018

How to Buff Out a Car Scratch

We’re all familiar with the feeling. We’re approaching our car when, all of a sudden, our gaze zeroes in on something that was definitely not there […]
July 31, 2018

Check Out Our Front Office Update

We made some changes! Our staff has been working so hard to give our customers the best service possible, and we thought it was time to […]
June 26, 2018

How often should you wash your car?

Some car owners are diligent with their car maintenance and wash their car every week. Others may not get around to it until someone etches “Wash […]
April 9, 2018

Should you detail your car before or after a road trip?

Are you planning on taking a road trip in the near future? As the weather warms up and spring fever starts to take its toll, it’s […]
December 4, 2017

Premier Winter Weekday Specials!

There’s nothing worse than taking your car through the automatic car wash, getting home, and seeing several spots that were missed. Though a hand wash is […]
January 6, 2017

Case Study: Vehicle Mold Removal

Premier Auto Detailing and Wash encounters all kinds of vehicle messes, but no challenge is too big to tackle! Check out this vehicle’s mold removal success […]
November 1, 2016

5 Ways Parents Can Combat Sports Stench in the Car

Is the smell from your kids’ sports equipment more than you can handle every time you hop in your vehicle? Here are a few ways you […]
October 1, 2016

DIY Auto Detail: Guide to Removing Vomit from Your Car’s Upholstery

Picture it. You have your family loaded up in the car and you’re on your way when it happens…one of the kids gets sick all over […]