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How to Make the Most Money When Selling Your Vehicle

Premier Auto Detailing Blog: man holding keys and wondering How to Make the Most Money When Selling Your Car

Half of the battle of selling your used vehicle is making sure it looks appealing enough to purchase. Car dealerships all around the country invest in auto detailing services to increase auto resale value. Why not try it for your own sale? If you’re selling a vehicle, learn how detailing can help you make the most money when selling your vehicle.

Exterior DetailingHow to Make the Most Money When Selling Your Car | Premier Auto Detailing

Let’s face it: a shiny car looks like a new car, and a quick trip through the car wash won’t get the fresh and clean look you need. Ensuring that your car’s exterior is detailed will help you make the most money when selling your vehicle.

Natural elements may have damaged your vehicle more than you’ve realized over the years. Sun can fade and damage your vehicle’s paint and headlights over time, creating a cloudy effect on the surface. Rain and water may have caused rust stains on your rims and vehicle body. An exterior detail can help counteract these issues and get your vehicle shining brighter than you thought it ever could.

It’s also important to remember all of the small dings and scratches in your paint that have accumulated over the years. Take a good look at your vehicle to take inventory of all the imperfections. Something small to you might be a big problem when you’re trying to sell. A tiny dent from that time at the grocery store can be incredibly noticeable to a buyer looking for the best deal. Consider an exterior detail paint buff or additional dent and scratch removal services to help rid your vehicle of imperfections.

You can also use an exterior detail’s new wax and tire shine services as a selling point to make the most money when selling your vehicle. Car wax helps repel water and in turn helps prevent rust. It is an investment for the future and an added perk that the buyer will enjoy if they purchase your vehicle.

Interior Detailing

How to Make the Most Money When Selling Your Car | Premier Auto DetailingAn interior detail is a definite must while trying to make the most money when selling your vehicle.  A clean and fresh interior looks less used and is much more appealing to buyers. While it might be tempting to just do a quick vacuum over your upholstery and carpet, the reality is that a quick clean is most often not enough. Professional detailers know what kind of cleaners to use and how to find the mess in all of the nooks and crannies most car owners miss.

Think of all the spills and wear your vehicle’s interior has endured over the years — the rip in the back seat, the milk spill that you never really got out of the carpet, and the dirt, dust, and grime that has made its way into your vents and cup holders. These are all messes that won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers. People don’t want a stained and smelly car; they want a used car that doesn’t really look used. An interior detail can help by making your seats, carpet, trunk, engine, dash, and console shine and smell clean. A clean, fresh vehicle will help potential buyers justify spending a little extra money on a “new” car.

Preventative Detailing

While these one-time details will help increase your vehicle’s resale value, one of the best things you can do to make the most money when selling your vehicle is maintain its exterior and interior while you’re still driving it. The new and shiny car you bought won’t stay that way for long if you don’t maintain it properly. Getting regular auto details will help keep the vehicle in shape for when you decide it’s time to sell or trade.

Common wear and tear can add up to serious auto damage if left alone. With proper maintenance, an old car can look like new. It is much easier to sell a car that has been taken care of than one that has been neglected since it was purchased. Scheduling routine auto details is a great investment to ensure you get the most money when selling your vehicle.

An auto detailing investment will more than pay for itself in the long run. Make the most money when selling your car by getting it to the professionals for a comprehensive detail.



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