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Case Study: Vehicle Mold Removal

Case Study: Vehicle Mold Removal (after, clean car seats)

Premier Auto Detailing and Wash encounters all kinds of vehicle messes, but no challenge is too big to tackle! Check out this vehicle’s mold removal success story.


Spilling any liquid onto your car’s upholstery can be more than a huge hassle. In one of our most recent cases, a customer spilled a crock pot full of hot chocolate in the back seat of her SUV, creating a disaster of a mess. Unfortunately, because the spill was not cleaned thoroughly or quickly, the liquid set into the fabric and cushions. The moisture that was left created terrible odors and mold growth in her vehicle.



Vehicle mold removal can be tricky. Not only is mold unsightly and smelly, but it can also be a danger to your health. To make sure the detailer is safe, an enzyme cleaner is used to disinfect the area of the vehicle that contains the mold growth. Once the danger is taken care of, the automobile receives the standard shampoo and full interior detail which thoroughly cleans the inside of the vehicle.

An odor bomb also has to be used for these cases to get rid of the strong smell left behind. This ensures that the odor is actually eliminated and not just masked by the smell of the cleaning supplies. Once the vehicle is fully rid of all mess, mold, and smell, it is ready to for customer inspection.



In this hot chocolate case, Premier was able to get the entire mess out of the vehicle! We’ve accomplished mold removal on all types of surfaces, including leather, carpet, fabric, and vinyl. We’re happy we were able to help the customer in this situation get her vehicle back without any remnants of mold or smell. She was astonished that the mess was completely gone!

Here at Premier, we strive to help our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. No problem is too big for our crew, even hazardous vehicle mold removal is a challenge we’re willing to take. Let us help you get your car back on track!



At Premier, we believe our mission is to create happiness through professional detailing and our purpose is to exhibit a philosophy of servanthood! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!

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