Aqua Glow/Aquapel Rain Package
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October 23, 2017
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Aqua Glow/Aquapel Rain Package


Want to repel rain and help your car sparkle this spring?
With our Aqua Glow/Aquapel package, you’ll have less glare on the road and a high-gloss finish on your vehicle! Each product lasts for months in normal driving conditions, so you can spend less time on your car and more time in your car!


Here are just a few Aqua Glow features:

• Drying and protection in one step!

• High-gloss, no-streak finish

• Biodegradable, eco-friendly wax


Here are just a few Aquapel features:

• Water beads roll right off your windshield!

• Clear ice, snow, bugs, and dirt more easily

• Better vision while driving, especially at night


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