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Bird droppings and acid rain have nothing on your car.

There’s nothing worse than seeing something wrong with your car’s paint.

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1You can’t beat the benefits.
It’s annoying, but true: Something will ruin at least part of your car’s paint at some point—whether that’s a rock, road salt, or sand. But you can protect your car to prevent damage.

Scotchgard Paint Protection protects your car from acid rain and bird droppings. Our auto detailing experts can easily install this exterior protection for you, which will increase the resale value of your vehicle.
2Coverage you can count on.
Scotchgard’s Vehicle Protection Plan covers new, certified pre-owned, and used cars. For the exterior of your car, the 5-year Scotchgard warranty also includes:

  • Damages by dirt, grime, mud, bugs, bird droppings, or tree sap
  • Oxidation, etching, or loss of gloss that occurs to your car’s exterior
  • And more
The warranty covers repair, refurbish, and replacement. It's also transferrable, and it covers up to $40 for a one-time vehicle rental.
Exterior Protection: $799
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