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Anonymous Premier Customer

I'm originally from Lafayette but I have been living in Indianapolis the last 10 years. I drive all the way to Lafayette to get my vehicles detailed twice a year at Premier. They have great service and prices. I wish there was a Premier in Indianapolis.

Thomas C.

Great company to make your vehicle look new again. Very friendly and welcoming as well. I’m not sure if they are the cheapest or most expensive around, but it doesn't even matter. Their customer service and results trumps cost. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Anonymous Premier Customer

They were fast and did a great job. This place can't be beat! I now have my go-to place for getting my car detailed.

Derek S.

After owning our Ford Edge for a year, we decided to have our vehicle fully detailed since we had tracked in mud, sand, salt, dirt, dust and more. They had excellent customer service and did an excellent job getting our vehicle looking brand new again. We took our Edge back to Premier a few weeks ago and they hit it out of the park again.To top it off, I even received a follow up call to make sure our vehicle was cleaned up to our standard. I highly recommend this place.

Anonymous Premier Customer

The staff is great and make your car shine!

Reyna V

I love this place! They were able to wax and buff my car up so the scuffs showing up from wear and tear have disappeared and it makes me feel better to know my car has a new coat of wax to protect it smile emoticon also they really did a wonderful job with my interior cleaning. My expectations have been exceeded with the care they provided to my car and also they went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed. Thanks a lot!!

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