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Remote Starts & Heated Seats

Stay warm all winter with remote starts and heated seats.

Enjoy a more comfortable ride by heating your seats — and starting your car before you even get inside.

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You shouldn’t dread getting behind the wheel!

Nobody likes getting into a freezing cold vehicle. When you install heated seats or a remote start for your car, truck, or SUV, you’ll be able to drive in comfort!

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With our remote starts, you can:

  • Start your car safely from up to a mile away.
  • Choose from multiple key fobs and security upgrades.
  • Drive in comfort, no matter the weather.

With our heated seats, you can:

  • Safely keep your seat cushion and back warm.
  • Control your settings with a three-position switch.
  • Drive comfortably, even in the middle of winter.

We make it easy to drive in comfort and style.

We’ll install heated seats and a remote start for your vehicle so you'll be:

  • Amazed by the quality
  • Impressed by the attention to detail
  • In love with how comfortable your ride is

You’ll love driving in comfort every single day.

Remote Starts

Starting at $289

Our remote starts work well in extreme temperatures, and they’re safe for manual transmissions and diesel engines.

Heated Seats

$249 per seat

Enjoy warm seat cushions and backs; three-position high/low heat control; and a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

Remote Start Options
Bolt 1

Our one-button, one-way fob allows you to easily start your car each day.

Bolt 2

Our one-button, two-way fob lets you know when your car has started.

Flex 1

Start your car with our hassle-free, four-button, one-way fob.

Flex 2

Our four-button, two-way fob gives you more options and lets you know when your car has started.

Edge 2X

Start your car from up to a mile away with our premium four-button, two-way fob.


We can install remote start onto the fob you already own! This applies to select vehicles, so call us at (765) 446-1400 for more details.

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Drive in comfort with heated seats and a remote start.