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November 16, 2022
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Now Hiring: Quality Control and Dealer Coordinator

Premier's Quality Control and Dealer Coordinator’s primary responsibilities are that of an Auto Detail Technician. In this role, you will be responsible for maintaining vehicle appearances by performing any combination of interior and exterior detailing.

In the Quality Control Coordinator role, you will be in a supervisory position tasked with inspecting the work of other Auto Detail Technicians. This position will verify the quality of all work performed and ensure the vehicle meets customer specifications and contract standards before it is returned to the dealer. As a leader, you will track and motivate detail technicians to perform all touch-ups and maintain our quality standards.

Your responsibilities as our Dealer Coordinator will be to take all dealer photographs in accordance with the photo specifications upon returning the vehicle to the dealer premises.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Washing, waxing, and drying vehicles—while maintaining the standard and quality of service of the organization.
  • Vacuum interiors of vehicles to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Clean upholstery, rugs, and other surfaces using appropriate cleaning agents, applicators, and cleaning devices.
  • Inspect parts, equipment, or vehicles for damage—reporting any damage to the supervisor immediately.
  • Inspect completion of all vehicles and verify the quality of all work performed is in accordance with customer specifications and contract standards.
    • Examine visually and by touch—if necessary. Reject all work not meeting standards and ensure corrective action is taken. Generate appropriate reports and re-inspect the vehicle to ensure quality standards are met.
  • Must be able to work safely with multiple types of potentially hazardous chemicals by following all manufacturer’s directions.
  • Must coordinate work flow with team members, including but not limited to the Administrative Staff, Auto Detail Technicians, Vehicle Transport Specialists, and General Manager of Detail Services.
    • After Auto Detail Technician pulls out vehicle. Vehicle needs to go to the next stage within 20 minutes.
  • Transport vehicles to and from the dealerships in a safe and timely manner.
  • Take photographs of vehicles as specified in the photograph PowerPoint.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)
  • A minimum of 1+ years of prior detail experience preferred
  • A minimum of 1+ years of prior employee supervision preferred, but not required
  • Must possess exceptional communication skills while interacting with co-workers, supervisors, and dealers
  • Must be dependable, detail oriented, and have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Must exhibit a positive attitude that fosters a team environment at all times
  • Must attend all mandatory staff meetings and/or trainings
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen


Job Type: Full-time


Salary: $14.00 - $17.00 per hour



  • Dental insurance
  • Employee discount
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance
  • Vision insurance



  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Monday to Friday, occasional Saturday


Supplemental pay types:

  • Bonus pay


Work Location: Multiple Locations


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At Premier, we believe our mission is to create happiness through professional detailing and our purpose is to exhibit a philosophy of servanthood! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!


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That's why, at Premier, you’ll get more than just exceptional service for your car.

You’ll drive away happy knowing you’re also valued and a huge part of supporting and celebrating others.

If you’re ready to restore, protect, or style your car—book an auto detailing service in Lafayette, Indiana or Kokomo, Indiana. Our professionally trained staff (and satisfaction guarantee) promise that you’ll be impressed with our attention to detail and blown away with the final results.

* There will be an additional charge of $50 for Iron Decontamination. If your vehicle has tar, overspray, or road paint on it, we will provide a custom quote for removal.

* Removing stains is an intricate service, and while we always try to do everything possible to remove stains, we cannot guarantee full stain removal. In the event a stain cannot be fully removed, we will try to attenuate it as much as possible.

* Headliners are extremely delicate. Excessive cleaning and wetting of the headliner can cause it to fail, so excessive soiling may not be able to be removed.


Ceramic Wash, Clay, and Seal

* These prices are based on a vehicle in average condition. For a more accurate quote, pictures or a detailer’s estimate may be needed to see if your vehicle qualifies for this price.


Full Detail

* These prices are based on a vehicle in average condition. For a more accurate quote, pictures or a detailer’s estimate may be needed to see if your vehicle qualifies for this price.


Interior Detail

* These prices are based on a vehicle in average condition. For a more accurate quote, pictures or a detailer’s estimate may be needed to see if your vehicle qualifies for this price.

*The paint polish is not intended to remove any deep paint defects. It is only intended to enhance gloss and deep clean the paint in preparation for the coating application. Additional paint correction services can be quoted at an additional charge.

Because we value you and your vehicle as much as you do, we recommend following a maintenance protocol after the initial curing time of your ceramic coatings application.

This maintenance plan will keep your warranty intact and allow you to enjoy a smooth, glass-like finish for years to come.

A professional hand wash—with a specialized ceramic coatings approved cleaning agent—is recommended every week to every other week. As a ceramic coatings VIP, you'll receive a $20 discount on all hand washes.

Pricing: Call for Details

Why is ceramic coating the most elite paint protection product on the market?

Premier ceramic coating offers nano-ceramic compounds that provide the maximum level of slickness, protection, and durability.

A normal clear coat has hardness between 2H and 4H. However, ceramic coatings have a hardness above 9H. This shield is the hardest paint coating on the market today and prevents minor scratches to your clearcoat and acts as a sacrificial layer.

Think of ceramic coatings as an additional clear coat layer, only a lot harder. All of this allows for more peace of mind and a fuller enjoyment of your vehicle, even in harsh environments.

Surface Scratches

UV Protection


No-Bond Surface


Permanent Protection

* We protect all plastics, vinyl, leather, Alcantara, carpet, and upholstery to help repel dirt, dust, and stains. We do not coat interior glass as it will cause fogging issues.

* A new tint can be applied to driver and passenger windows to match other factory-tinted windows on SUVs and trucks.