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January 1, 2022
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March 1, 2022

Nine Ways to Show Your Car Love

Many drivers don’t think about their vehicle until the task of cleaning becomes a huge chore or repairs are needed! Being proactive with your car’s care can save you time, money, and the headache of unwanted damage.

Cleaning your vehicle—both inside and out—can keep it not only looking and feeling fresh but also help keep your vehicle on the road for longer. We know that vehicles are full of nooks and crannies and tackling a messy vehicle all at once can easily become an overwhelming task. Instead, break it down into small bite-sized tasks that can keep your vehicle clean and running smoothly.

Read on to learn ways to show some love to your car.

Every Week

Declutter Your Interior

Your vehicle isn’t a trash can, so don’t treat it like one! Getting into the habit of taking at least a piece of garbage or two out of your vehicle each time you park is a great way to start decluttering. 

At the end of each week, do a quick grab and toss of all the drinks, food wrappers, receipts, and whatever else you’ve collected and throw them in the trash. A quick wipe down with a wet rag—or a more serious cleanse with an auto disinfectant—can give your vehicle a quick and easy refresh. Remember: whatever you bring in, you must take out!

Wipe Off Your Windshield

Smashed bugs, leaves, and other muck can make seeing through your windshield virtually impossible! Keep your windshield clear and your drive safer by clearing all the buildup off your windshield at least once a week with a quick clean at home or while you pump gas. 

Add another layer of protection to your windshield with Aquapel rain protection. Aquapel repels rain and makes clearing ice, snow, bugs, and dirt easy. With the Aquapel package, you’ll have a high-gloss protective finish on your vehicle and better visibility on the road.

Check Your Tire Pressure

It’s easy to forget about your vehicle’s tires until a low tire light comes on. Under-inflated—or over-inflated—tires can shorten their lifespan, increase your fuel efficiency, and may cause your vehicle to drive a little rough. 

Different vehicles and tires require varying tire pressures. Check your vehicle’s manual—or the inside panel of the driver’s side door—to learn what tire pressure is ideal for your vehicle’s tires. Be aware, the weather can impact your tire’s pressure, so check your local temperature before your over—or under—fill your tires. Remember: it’s always best to check your tire pressure in the cold after it has sat for at least 3 hours.

Every 30 days

Vacuum Your Vehicle

The space between your seats can be a bottomless pit as your vehicle loves to collect crumbs, dirt, dropped food, hair, and so much more in all the nooks and crannies of your interior, so a regular vacuum is necessary to keep your vehicle clean.

Grab your handheld vacuum, your shop-vac, or head over to your local car wash to help you remove all those unwanted crumbs. Be sure to check under your seats, floormats, and your trunk for all the spots dirt, gunk, and crumbs like to hide. For those really stubborn pet hairs or that odor that seems to linger, a professional detail may be needed.

Check Your Oil Level

The oil level in your vehicle is essential to keep your car running smoothly! It not only lubricates all the moving parts of your engine but also keeps heat away from the combustion cycle. 

Many owner’s manuals recommend checking your oil each time you fill your gas tank, but every few should be sufficient. You can easily check your oil yourself—with help from this guide—or many newer models have a meter in your dashboard for an easy check.

Hand Wash Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is constantly bombarded with sunlight, dirt, water, grease, grime, bugs, and more! To keep your vehicle looking and feeling fresh, you’ll need to clean your vehicle semi-regularly. 

How often you clean will depend on your location and the climate. During the winter months, it’s better to wash your vehicle more often to wash away the salt that can be corrosive to your vehicle’s paint.

Every Six Months to a Year

Schedule a Full Detail

Your vehicle is bombarded with germs, dirt, muck, bugs, and so much more throughout the year! Whether your constantly cleaning it or only doing the occasional spot clean, your vehicle wants a deep clean!

A full detail will help you maintain the life and appearance of your vehicle. WIth focused cleaning on the interior and exterior of your vehicle, a full detail will remove the damaging dirt and grime and add a new level of protection for the year to come.

Add a Paint Protectant

Whether you’re regularly washing your vehicle or only getting it detailed twice a year, your vehicle’s paint could use some extra protection! Birds, bugs, weather, and minor scratches make it extremely difficult to keep your vehicle in top shape and put your paint to test!

Help your paint last for years to come and still look fresh with Ceramic Pro paint protection. Ceramic Pro will transform itself on the surface of your vehicle to a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield that will prevent corrosion, withstand weathering, or self-heal scratches.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Your vehicle has a ton of parts that need regular maintenance or replaced due to constant wear and tear. Making sure you schedule your vehicle for an annual maintenance check can help you check for vehicle issues you may not have noticed until it’s too late! 

Overclogged air filters, cracked components, leaking tubes, corroded wires, and more can do damage to your vehicle and your wallet! Protect your vehicle and keep it on the road longer with regular maintenance from trained technicians.

Don’t neglect your vehicle! It may seem like a lot of work to keep your vehicle in top shape year-round, but by breaking it into simple, easy tasks throughout the year, you can show your car love and keep it feeling like new!

Premier’s mission is to create happiness through professional detailing, and our purpose is to exhibit a philosophy of servanthood! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!

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That's why, at Premier, you’ll get more than just exceptional service for your car.

You’ll drive away happy knowing you’re also valued and a huge part of supporting and celebrating others.

If you’re ready to restore, protect, or style your car—book an auto detailing service in Lafayette, Indiana or Kokomo, Indiana. Our professionally trained staff (and satisfaction guarantee) promise that you’ll be impressed with our attention to detail and blown away with the final results.

* There will be an additional charge of $50 for Iron Decontamination. If your vehicle has tar, overspray, or road paint on it, we will provide a custom quote for removal.

* Removing stains is an intricate service, and while we always try to do everything possible to remove stains, we cannot guarantee full stain removal. In the event a stain cannot be fully removed, we will try to attenuate it as much as possible.

* Headliners are extremely delicate. Excessive cleaning and wetting of the headliner can cause it to fail, so excessive soiling may not be able to be removed.


Ceramic Wash, Clay, and Seal

* These prices are based on a vehicle in average condition. For a more accurate quote, pictures or a detailer’s estimate may be needed to see if your vehicle qualifies for this price.


Full Detail

* These prices are based on a vehicle in average condition. For a more accurate quote, pictures or a detailer’s estimate may be needed to see if your vehicle qualifies for this price.


Interior Detail

* These prices are based on a vehicle in average condition. For a more accurate quote, pictures or a detailer’s estimate may be needed to see if your vehicle qualifies for this price.

*The paint polish is not intended to remove any deep paint defects. It is only intended to enhance gloss and deep clean the paint in preparation for the coating application. Additional paint correction services can be quoted at an additional charge.

Because we value you and your vehicle as much as you do, we recommend following a maintenance protocol after the initial curing time of your ceramic coatings application.

This maintenance plan will keep your warranty intact and allow you to enjoy a smooth, glass-like finish for years to come.

A professional hand wash—with a specialized ceramic coatings approved cleaning agent—is recommended every week to every other week. As a ceramic coatings VIP, you'll receive a $20 discount on all hand washes.

Pricing: Call for Details

Why is ceramic coating the most elite paint protection product on the market?

Premier ceramic coating offers nano-ceramic compounds that provide the maximum level of slickness, protection, and durability.

A normal clear coat has hardness between 2H and 4H. However, ceramic coatings have a hardness above 9H. This shield is the hardest paint coating on the market today and prevents minor scratches to your clearcoat and acts as a sacrificial layer.

Think of ceramic coatings as an additional clear coat layer, only a lot harder. All of this allows for more peace of mind and a fuller enjoyment of your vehicle, even in harsh environments.

Surface Scratches

UV Protection


No-Bond Surface


Permanent Protection

* We protect all plastics, vinyl, leather, Alcantara, carpet, and upholstery to help repel dirt, dust, and stains. We do not coat interior glass as it will cause fogging issues.

* A new tint can be applied to driver and passenger windows to match other factory-tinted windows on SUVs and trucks.